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I am advocating for these causes, and I invite you to stand with me

in our collective effort to support the flourishing of District 18.


 Houston often gets hurricanes and we also know with hurricanes comes flooding. There is no surprise that district 18 is one of those areas that can experience major, devastating floods. My goal is to implement strategies to update our infrastructure so these dangers can be limited.



Before working in immigration I was clueless as to what happens at our borders. I’ve been working in immigration for 12 years and my eyes have been opened. Our immigration problem is out of control and our laws are extremely outdated. Our immigration laws have to match our current immigration crisis and should be implemented, right now though that’s not the case. If our immigration laws were to match our current troubles and the laws were implemented we would see the majority of our immigration problems solved. My job is to bring a resolution to our immigration crisis.


We all know that the family unit is under attack but its time to protect our families. Our children are being bombarded with ideas and concepts which their innocent minds should not have exposure. Parents are considered the bad guy because they want the best for their children. I stand with our leaders in Texas who promote parental rights, allowing children be children.  I stand with our Texas teachers as their desire is for the well being of our children. When I am in office we will continue to make the family unit first and promote healthy ideas and concepts.


Human trafficking is real and have been in full operation in Houston for many years. It’s time to bring a stop to human trafficking not only in Houston but in America.


We once had a thriving economy, unemployment was low and our economy was booming. This current administration has implemented skyrocketing inflation, families living paycheck to paycheck making it difficult to pay bills, put food on the table and pay rent. It’s time to get back to a booming economy where we support hard workers, family, savings and investing again.

Term Limits

I believe it is time to have term limits for government officials. We have congressional leaders in office for 20, 30 even 50 years. If you have been in one position for this amount of time and haven’t made significant changes in your district or nation then you are a career politician and its time to move on. It’s time to vote career politicians out and implement term limits

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